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In 11th grade we had an assignment to make up a journal/diary entry from Gatsby’s point of view the day after he reunites with Daisy

I totally forgot about it until 2 minutes before class as we were sitting down, so I wrote “AUGHHH” in giant letters in the middle of a page and drew flowers around it. And then wrote an explanation saying I didn’t think Gatsby would write anything coherent because he would be too emotional.

I got 100% and a note saying I was very insightful

NO but you were right, everything about this situation is genius!

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literally imagining a world where may drops the girls off with natasha for the day like you’re up widow i’ve got some stuff to do

and as soon as the door swings closed jem and skye stare in awe at nat who’s literally just on the couch watching tv, sort of confused as to why they’re here



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